Welcome to The Tool Box
At The Tool Box, our way of thinking is unconventional – outside the box. We are not confined by traditional thought, but strive to develop unique, superior solutions. Our products adapt to individual needs and special circumstances. Our standard is "not to be standard." Rather, we welcome the challenge to invent – to create a never-seen-before solution to an individual situation. The product you receive cannot be ordered from a box. We build outside the box.
Our quality standard far exceeds industry standards. There are no assembly lines that limit choices. Our product is designed and manufactured locally with attention to detail and concern for durability. Each of our experienced staff have their individual expertise and take pride in their work. Keeping abreast of current products and techniques ensures you receive the latest and the greatest. We design the best for the money. Our quality is outside the box.
Custom-built is our forte: we build to individual specifications. We tailor the job to fit your individual needs, your lifestyle and YOUR budget. You receive personal attention from our staff who are intent on achieving customer satisfaction. The finished product should reflect YOUR personality and YOUR decorating preferences. We can match any current decor in material, design and color. However, if you are interested in creating a new look, your options are virtually unlimited. Individuality leads us outside the box.