About Our Company
The Tool Box has been building and remodeling in Colby, KS and the surrounding area for 24 years.  What began as a “son and pop shop” in a garage in the backyard has developed into a successful business with a great reputation specializing in kitchen, bath and office remodel.  Custom cabinetry is our forte, along with various types of countertops and wood floors.

Though the business was officially established in 1984, we can’t ignore the inspiration for such a venture originating generations before. The Tool Box is no ordinary business but rather personifies a sense of “inventiveness.”  In this line of thought, if a particular gadget is needed and there’s no such gizmo available, you invent it.  You don’t simply accept that which is, but you think in terms of creating something new to better the quality of your life.

This trait of inventiveness or ingenuity is the cornerstone of the Tool Box and is exhibited to this day.  Creating a product that really fits the need, exhibits exceptional quality and reflects individuality . . . that’s what we’re about.  

The Tool Box name originated with the appreciation of having the proper tools to get the job done.  Whether the tools have been passed down through the generations or are the latest technological breakthrough, all are instrumental as a means to the end.  The tools are necessary to bring the concept to reality, to create a refined product out of raw material, to define the character of the product.